Benchland Sauvignon Blanc Playlist #3



If you’re prone, there is already a lot to jump up and down to about this wine. It's bright, wet, yummy, and the fact you are sipping it now means all your hard work is done. Push play on Hatchie, and you can’t help yourself. All the bright spots explode out of the glass and your world alights. It's the same wine, but somehow more with Hatchie. You settle in with Anemone. There is a groove of citrus and effervescence here, and, yes, I am talking about the wine. The power and drive of Yuno mutes it a bit. Nuances give into platitudes, and the richness of the mouthfeel supersedes the flavors. It might be twang of Lissie's guitar, but somehow brings out freshly mown grass in the aroma. And see if you can pick up wet soil in the flavor. That's right- I said soil 😉