Coastal Red Blend Playlist #1

Cautious Clay
Andrew Combs
Charlotte Dos Santos
Anna Burch


Imagine you had some sort of wheelie shoes for adults and you could just glide down your favorite city street. How would you see it differently? Cautious Clay take this otherwise cherry red wine and opens up new worlds of cinnamon spice, cloves and rose petals. From there you start a river float of sorts with Andrew Combs. The wine goes brown sugar and sweet, wet soil. There is berry fruit here for sure, but way more Halle than Chuck, as his voice saturates your ears and the wine your mouth. Ooooh. How it sweetens with Charlotte Dos Santos! No dirt here- just candied sugar cane aromas and dry cola in your mouth. Anna Burch brings it earthbound again. Rawness and power abound, and our light little quaffer gets all big in its britches. Lots of cedar and rose hips.