Coastal Red Blend Playlist #2

Liz Cooper & the Stampede
Rayana Jay
Starchild & the New Romantic


No coincidence, me thinks, that I get sweet leather in the pairing with Liz Cooper. The fruit stays red and sweet, but there is some delicious pipe tobacco and elements that start to show. No surprise Rayana Jay goes a different direction. The wine gets more viscous, revealing a white pepper and smokiness aroma with cinnamon spice all around. With Starchild and the New Romantics, you go all Stacey Adams for your toe tapping, and the wine goes bright red and sweet, with nuance lost to the beat just a bit. But your thirst is quenched! Sjowgren is all frayed but intact hope and blue skies. The wine goes blue too, as in blueberry and lavender.