Interview: San Francisco’s NRVS LVRS on their new single “Whatever & Ever”

By Sarah Manha and Alexandria Monterrubio

NRVS LVRS (pronounced Nervous Lovers) is the project of San Francisco husband and wife, Andrew and Bevin. To put it simply, their music is one hell of a ride. You’ll feel as if you’re sitting in a time machine with a grey lollipop in hand. They’re the perfect mix of gloomy and sweet, taking you back in time with hints of 80’s darkwave madness. The two San Francisco natives recently chatted with Echo Echo Wine, and it’s safe to say we covered everything from music, wine, tour life, and even Game of Thrones. Learn more about this spellbinding duo below and be sure to give their new single “Whatever & Ever” a listen!


  1. Hey guys, long time no talk! How are you?

Andrew & Bevin: Good, good.

  1. Congrats on the new single “Whatever & Ever” that just came out in March! I feel like this track definitely keeps in it your dark synthwave realm, while leaning towards pop more so than your darker, more ethereal past work. Was that juxtaposition of the pessimistic lyricism + light-hearted electro-pop intentional?

Andrew: Yeah, as you said, our past stuff has been gloomier in terms of sound and lyrical content, and lately we’ve been playing with pairing dark, wry lyrics with poppier hooks.

Bevin: After touring [our most recent LP] Electric Dread, we knew we wanted to try some different approaches to our next batch of songs. These new songs have been mostly informed by thinking about what we wanted to play live. We knew we wanted some upbeat songs this next round, but we will never have a song that’s only sweet. Always need the bitter.

  1. You explained to Pancakes and Whiskey that the song “makes the case for resignedly dancing through the end times.” While I agree whole-heartedly on this very 2019 sentiment, it also makes me think of this last season of Game of Thrones. How do you think the television series is going to end?

Bevin: Ugh, who the hell knows.

Andrew: It’s gonna end with a dragon wedding followed by a reunion episode hosted by Andy Cohen.

  1. You just released the single, and you’re working on more new music. How’s it going? Will 2019 see the follow up album/EP to 2017’s Electric Dread?

Andrew: We just finished recording some songs with Eric Palmquist down in LA. We did a couple songs with him in July 2018, one of which was “Whatever & Ever.” He had a unique way of getting the best out of us while respecting how we work, so we decided to return there this past April. Unlike past recordings, most of our demos were barely fleshed out – just a beat and some loose ideas. So, most of our writing happened in the studio with Eric. It was definitely intense, but we feel like Eric helped us stop being so precious while pushing us to go more minimalist. I’m used to trying to combine 5 different synths into a wall of sound, but this time we were choosier about our sounds knowing we couldn’t hide behind layering.

Bevin: This new approach has been a really satisfying process. There were moments of self doubt and questioning whether or not creating in a short timespan would feel authentic or well thought-out, but in the end, it just affirmed that we know who we are and can create music that feels satisfying without obsessing for months.

  1. I know you’re both Bay Area natives – what are your favorite wineries in the Bay/North Bay/Northern California?

Andrew: We went to Tank Garage Winery not long ago, and that was fun as hell. Great wines with a tasting room built into an old gas station.

Bevin: I would have to say Elizabeth Spencer in Rutherford. Andrew’s sister told us about it, and I can still clearly remember the moment I first tried their rosé. I had no idea how good rosés could be. Needless to say, it created a lil bit of a monster.

  1. When it comes to wine: red or white?

Andrew: I lean red, but Bevin turned me onto the champagne & burger combo a while ago. Beef n’ bubbles. So good.

Bevin: Yeah, I’m a sucker for something rich and fatty to eat and any sort of bubbly wine – Prosecco, cava, whatever. We just had a great dry lambrusco that was super delicious. But red wine on a cold night is pretty perfect, too.

  1. I know you just wrapped up a month of touring the west coast! How was it? Which show on this tour was your favorite? When are you getting back on the road?

Andrew: This past tour felt like our most successful to date, so it’s tough to pick one, but it’s probably Redding by a nose. The Dip is just a great room with a killer staff, and the crowd comes eager for tunes and ready to party. Probably too ready to party. Right before we were set to play, the paramedics had to come in to help out a very large and very drunk guy who somehow broke his ankle in the men’s room. Earlier he had been yelling strange non-sequiturs at everyone who entered the bathroom, myself included, & the next thing I know, he’s being taken away on a stretcher. It delayed the show by about 45 minutes, but I feel it added to the dangerous mystery of the night.

Bevin: Probably my favorite show would be the one in Bellingham, WA. Half an hour before we needed to load in, all I wanted to do was cancel and sleep. I was just over it. I wasn’t feeling great and was having some anxiety, but Andrew helped me settle down and power through. I told myself I could just go to the hotel and sleep after our set in order to get through it, but of course I stayed to see the other bands, and I’m so glad I did, as it ended up being an inspiring night. The three other bands were all great women & women-led bands who killed it.

  1. If you had to describe your music as if it were a wine, what would your discography’s wine label say?

Andrew: A full-bodied experience with notes of cinnamon, black pepper, & despair. Best enjoyed at a party on a pier on a grey, windy day.

The single “Whatever & Ever”, as well as the rest of the band’s discography, is available now on all digital platforms for your listening pleasure.